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Free-Link-Shortener-The-best-in-2022 is a web link shortener, and the benefit of shortening links (URL Shorten) is for the brevity of the content. Links that are too long may affect the main content that the poster wants to convey to the audience.

Shorten links for free qr code
reduce the number of characters That may be a limitation of some social media. For example, posting to Twitter is allowed at 208 characters, which may make the poster. It is necessary to reduce the characters from the main content.

This article is recommended A link shortener website that is more than a link shortener.

How is a better link shortener? has a back-end system Allows us to manage the posted links, such as links that do not want to be displayed anymore. or this product is no longer for sale or this page is no longer managed by us. can be removed

Look at the stats, maybe we’ll post a link without paying attention to it. How many times has that link been clicked? And each click has a source. Or clicked from any website, but has these statistics for us to check. has a qr code system, meaning you can always download qr codes, even the links that have been made for years. You can always go back and download it, there is no limit, and the link never expires. has a reporting system, that is, maybe we can take care of it or run a campaign or do SEO for customers again. Of course, customers want reports, is featured here. We can export reports as Excel, including posts, clicks for each link. including media sources Clicks come from which websites we share. All reports can be exported to Excel.

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