Frequently asked questions

Q: Want to make a website? How to start?

Answer: Start with the question before ourselves. Want to have a website for nothing? Summarize information and save as a document or save draft in email.

Q: How much do websites cost?

Answer: It depends on the amount of content. Plus, with the difficulty of the system, the company will use customer details to evaluate the initial price.

Q: Will the company evaluate the initial price? What to do ?

Answer: If you want to evaluate the initial price. Must provide information. Make a list of all the required items and send them to us at

Q: How long does it take to develop?

Answer: Depending on the difficulty and number of functions of the site.

Q: Can I make a detailed appointment?

Answer: Can talk to details before. The first thing to do is to ask for the website you want to make the team know the basics before you visit.

Q: After the site is done. Will there be annual expenses?

Answer: Annual cost There are no fees for additional hosting.

Q: After the website is activated, can I update the product information on my website?

Answer: Can update the data easily. Because we prepared the right fit for the use of each site. No knowledge of the site can be made easily.

Q: After the site is completed and activated. How much does maintenance cost (MA) cost?

Answer: The company will guarantee and fix defects caused by the development of a mistake.

Q: In the future if you want to add some system or function. How to price

Answer: The company will evaluate Case By Case based on the difficulty of the system to add.

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