Boost your customer base with Mobile Apps.

Customers know more brands. More profit opportunities.

Start a mobile application development project. Branding is broad and well known. Take your business on the full online media. Lead and beat your competitors with online marketing strategies.

Cost reduction is enormous.

Implementing technology to adapt to certain types of businesses can dramatically reduce costs. For example If some businesses require 50 employees, the cost of the business is huge. But if the company can develop mobile applications to replace it. Regular staff may need only 3 people.

It is a competitive advantage in the same business.

Many businesses are still hesitant about making mobile applications for the enterprise.There may be different reasons or may be because the development costs are too high.For business If the focus is point and shoot first. This may be a step towards winning.

Increase the time to communicate with customers.

Now everyone has a smartphone. And the smartphone is always with us at all times.The main communication channel of the mobile is the call. But to call the news. New promotions all the time is not possible.Mobile Applications It allows us to send messages to regular customers and create new customers.Including stimulating purchase.

Make people know more brands.

Smartphone or mobile device It's like billboards. A large board located in every district in every province in Thailand.And people around the world will know more about us from the app. By the simple principle, when people see. What are you listening to? The tendency to shop or use the service will be more.

Easier access to brands.

Whether you are selling food As a flower shop Traditional Thai massage services are available.Customers should have easy contact with us, such as business sales hair salon. Instead, the customer must call the reservation.It can be booked directly through the mobile application.

Enhance your brand loyalty.

In the world of business Product Loyalty Or brand is a very valuable thing. And very difficult as well.Customers can report problems. Or errors in using the service, and we, the service provider.Access Listen and fix the problem right away. Increasing credibility to customers.And customers will feel attached to the product or brand.

What will your customers get? When doing Mobile Apps for both iOS and Android.

Support all customer needs. With features that require. Of modern applications


Google Play In-App Billing

Apple In-App Purchase


Google Cloud Messaging

Apple Push Notification


Google Map

Apple Map


Google Play Game Service

Apple Game Center


Google AdMob

Apple iAd


iBeacon iOS

NFC / Google Beacons (Eddystone)


Rest Service API & SDK

Database & Statistics Reporting

Other Features


QR Code Scan & Readd

Our intent is. Work out to meet the needs of the customer as much as possible. Because we know that. Every business has gone deeper. Although it is in the same business category. It can have different structure and working style. The work that was developed by Codebee team will be a fresh and unique to put the idea of ​​the customer down. Because customers are the ones who know their own business best. And developed under modern technology. Customers can set their own direction.

Satisfaction guaranteed for both iOS and Android.

High quality, fast investment. Care and support


With budget you can manage. Value for money to grow your business.


With a team of expert quality. Experience over 10 years, we can make things easy.


We believe that if a customer wins, we win because we love doing the job. So be assured Every piece of work is a quality work.


More important than getting a great job. Is good Continuous care The job is over.

Language used in Mobile Apps

Native, Cross-Platform Native or Hybrid

React Native

Unity3D C#

Java, Objective C หรือ Swift

Supports all types of businesses.

Develop Mobile Apps that fit and support all business models.


Business applications Location Contact And communicate with customers.

Online Business

Application for Online Business Shop - Buy Product Make Money Online Business M-Commerce


Application for Clinical, Physical, or Fitness Clinic Health lovers give information and measurements about health.


Application for Clinical, Physical, or Fitness Clinic Health lovers give information and measurements about health.


Applications for restaurants, hotels, promotions, shops, locations, menus, travel and travel.


Applications for religious teachings, dissemination of information on religion and public relations, religious activities


แอพApplications for educational institutions, universities, schools, information for educational institutions and events.


Applications for insurance companies Insurance agent Provide information to the organization. Subscriptions and benefits

Mobile Apps Lifetime Maintenance

For continuity and worth Your application is under our control. Carefully

Free care every 3 months.

Maintain and resolve technical issues 3 months after the application is launched online in all cases. The application has been completely developed without any additional costs.

1 year free care for normal use.

Maintain and resolve technical problems throughout the 1 year activation period. The problem is caused by normal use. Problems not found in the development phase.

Update 1 year free

Both iOS and Android have changed the rules of development often. Every one of the changes in iOS and Android operating system development rules for one year.