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Start a quality website development project. Beautiful website design to create a brand to be persistent and widely known. Take your business on the full online media. Lead and beat your competitors with online marketing strategies. Trust Us The quality of the website. Sample web design work in many types of businesses. Web Sales Online Web Business Web Applications Under the supervision of the team. Web Design and Development Experts

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Support all customer needs. With features that require. Of the modern site

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Add, delete, edit, backdate for webmasters. Easy to change content with WYSIWYG

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Supports all browser displays. Chrome, Safari, Firefox Or even Internet Explorer.

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Designed to fully and fully display the website on all devices. All screen sizes

Web Service API

Create a secure data service for large organizations. For the benefit of development.


Paypal, Paysbuy, Omise, 2c2p and Payment Gateway are available online.

Multi Language

International customers Website to support more than one language to meet the needs of customers.

Social Network

Accelerate SEO powered businesses by connecting with Social APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Etc.

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Layout of Website Structure On-Page SEO Standards Top Search Engine Rankings From Google Search Engine


Simple words The meaning is easy access to service information, without having to spend time searching for information or scrolling through information that does not meet the needs of the customer. Content should be clear, concise, easy to understand. Website colors should not be too colorful. When people come to our site about our business. that means He found and found interesting and relevant information. If you come to the site, then do not find the service that meets the requirements. I have not found. We have lost the opportunity to get customers.


The importance of the elements in a website is to prioritize the elements by looking at the site. In the corner of the customer group or Visitor, most websites will consist of main menu, banner section, slide button, Call To Action button, contact information, service usage, etc. Priority of these elements is correct. Friendly and navigable, users will optimize the website and encourage purchases.


Website development has been around for years. Most people when using the site will be able to guess the location or get access to information from the automatic experience. For example, when we want to go home. We always hit the logo on the left hand side. When we want to change language We will look for the Change Language button, which is usually in the upper right hand corner. And when we want to contact the service, we usually scroll down the page to the bottom. If we design a website with these habits in mind. We will make the site as user friendly as the website should be.


A good website must be able to navigate the user to the point where it meets the needs of the customer. And you can create a buying opportunity. The length of time that a customer is on the site is too long. Can you navigate the site from point A to point B, if the user can access the service information that meets the needs quickly. Do not waste time searching other pages. That does not concern me at all.


A good website must be capable of accommodating site visitors from different device implementations. Sure, there are a variety of smartphone operating systems, operating system browsers. There are also different versions of the software. How good is our business website? It can accommodate all website visitors in any technology, so your website must be compatible with different devices and a variety of technologies.

Our intent is. Work out to meet the needs of the customer as much as possible. Because we know that. Every business has gone deeper. Although it is in the same business category. It can have different structure and working style. The work that was developed by Codebee team will be a fresh and unique to put the idea of ​​the customer down. Because customers are the ones who know their own business best. And developed under modern technology. Customers can set their own direction.

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We believe that if a customer wins, we win. Because we love the job. So be assured Every piece of work is a quality work.


More important than getting a great job. Is good Continuous care The job is over.

Company Website Supports all types of businesses.

Develop mobile applications that fit and support all business applications.


Business Website Development Location Contact And communicate with customers.

Online Business

Website Development for Online Businesses Shop for Buy - Sell Products Make Money Online Business M-Commerce


Develop websites for displaying images, galleries, photographers, exhibits, photographs and artwork.


Website development for clinics, physical therapists, or fitness enthusiasts. Health information and measurements.


Develop websites for restaurants, hotels, promotions, stores, locations, menus, travel and travel.


Develop websites for religious sites, teachings, disseminate information on religion and public relations, religious activities.


Website development for educational institutions, universities, schools providing information on educational institutions and activities.


Website Development for Insurance Companies Insurance agent Provide information to the organization. Subscriptions and benefits


For continuity and worth Your application is under our control. Carefully

Free care every 3 months.

Maintain and resolve technical problems 3 months after the website is launched online in all cases to ensure that. The website was completely developed without any additional costs.

1 year free care for normal use.

Maintain and resolve technical problems throughout the 1 year activation period. The problem is caused by normal use. Problems not found in the development phase.

1 free migration service

Free service to migrate website from current server to new server, which can support more usage data 1 time within 1 year.