applying for a job

Start together grow together.

Good attitude matters more than knowledge.

Most people grow up and succeed with good attitudes.

The company attaches great importance to the attitude of the candidates. We do not expect any education or educational institution at all. And it is a minor issue that we will consider with applicants.

See what you get.

What will the applicant receive ?

Quality of life Healthy Potential Development Will become a product of great ideas.


The Company has a policy to pay bonuses to employees on a regular basis. To create morale and confidence in working together.


The company will have a trip to both domestic and international 1-2 times a year to build a good relationship within the team.


The Company has a policy to pay salaries to employees in full. And pay social security without deduction of salary.


The Company has a policy of developing human resources. By sending employees to attend training courses as appropriate.

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