Game Company

Codebee Co., Ltd offers design and development of mobile applications. Customize and develop customized software for customers, customers, and customers. Developed by a team of mobile application developers more than 7 years experience.

Tools and language used in game development.

UX / UI design and development of game algorithms in the form of a website game based on the capabilities of HTML5 technology, development of games on the mobile platform and the desktop, thanks to the ability of the game development tools have been recognized around the world UNITY3D. And the C # language and the team also have the ability to develop games in the form of Multi Player Online Game.

Unity3D Game ( C# / Javascript )

Making games with UNITY3D is another option that is gaining popularity. Because it is easy to develop in both 2D and 3D, Unity is also an Asset Store where developers can choose to buy graphics or source files that are easy to develop. Developing games with Unity3D and C # is a cross platform development. The game is available in both iOS and Android.

Flash Game ( Action Script 3.0 / Adobe Air)

Now (and in the future), the frost may disappear from this world. There will be no leftover for us to see on the browser, but Flash games will still be available in the form of Desktop Game, Kiosk Game, Multi-touchscreen TV using the capabilities of Action Script 3 and Adobe Air. 3 and Adobe Air is a convenient development. Fast and responsive in terms of beauty. animation It very good Developing games with Unity3D and C # is a cross platform development. The game is available in both iOS and Android, such as the development of the Unity3D.

HTML5 Game ( Javascript / Canvas )

There are many games developed in the HTML5 game, including the framework developed for developers or programmers have been used in the development of the game. The advantages of developing games with HTML5 are that they work best in web browsers. And it can work without the need to install additional add-ons. This is different from other games that need to install Player Plugin before it can work. And the development of the game with the HTML5 Framework is also a Cross Platform, it works on both browser and mobile applications iOS game and Android Game.