Develop career potential

The company attaches great importance to the attitude of the candidates.
We do not expect any education or educational institution at all.
And it is a minor issue that we will consider with applicants.

See what you get.

What will the applicant receive?


The company has a policy to pay allowances to students internships. To build morale and cost during internship.


The company will have trips in both domestic and international 1-2 times a year. Interns will get the opportunity to travel as well.


Minibabs provide certificates of competence. Only qualified trainees can apply.

Potential Development

Interns will receive training opportunities. Equivalent to other employees. To enhance the knowledge and skills.

Contact Human Resources

Prepare your CV / Resume information, call or email to Human Resources.
If the information is received, the team will contact you as soon as possible.

02 962 1556, 094 185 9962